KYC Guideline

Know your customer (KYC)
Know your customer (KYC)
The first level (level 1) of verification is email verification. After the registration and activation of your account by email your account will be level 1 verified and withdrawal limits will apply.

The second level (level 2) of verification is full verification. After you submit the customer identification application and then the approval of the Txbit team, your account will be level 2 verified and no withdrawal limits will apply.

We understand that you may have some questions about your privacy. After all, you must provide us with your personal details. The customer identification process is under sole control of Txbit and no data is shared with 3rd parties. Your personal data is stored securely encrypted.

Request customer verification
You can easily request customer identification by logging into your account. Go to settings and fill the complete form. We strive for a quick processing of your request, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Before submitting your customer identification application, please read the manual first so that you can be sure that your application meets all the requirements, making your identification a easy job.

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