Listing information

The application on this page is the only official way to apply for a listing on Txbit. Read the LISTING GUIDELINES to familiarize yourself with the listing workflow process.
Listing guidelines

Please submit this application and your project will be reviewed by our Quality Control team. If your application passes the initial review, you will be contacted to proceed to the next step of the listing process, as outlined in the Listing Guidelines. This will involve providing additional information about your asset to our Research team.

Listing fee details

Txbit collects a small listing fee in form of Bitcoin (BTC) after the application has been approved and finilized. The listing fee is strictly used for to cover the expenses of the review process, txbit employee salaries and server running costs.

The base listing fee, also known as STANDARD listing, scales up based on the daily trading volume on the exchange, averaged over 30 days. Please see the breakdown of the STANDARD listing fee structure below:

Txbit daily volume (30 day average)
Standard listing fee
< $ 1,000,000
$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000
1.5 BTC
$ 10,000,000 - $ 50,000,000
$ 50,000,000 - $ 100,000,000
2.5 BTC
$ 100,000,000+

Txbit daily volume (30 day average)

Listing plans



14-21 days from payment to listing. Allow up to 15 work days for initial review of the application.

Standard listing applies to BTC/DASH/PIVX/NANO based coins and ERC20 tokens.



24-48 hours from payment to listing. Allow up to 5 work days for initial review of the application.

Quick-list applies to BTC/DASH/PIVX/NANO based coins and ERC20 tokens.


Apply to discuss listing fee

Listing time depends on integration time of the wallet.

Custom listing applies to new and custom protocol implementations.

Important notes

One of your Core Team members, or a company employee in a leadership position, must provide KYC documentation and be interviewed via video call for full disclosure.

Applying for a listing on this page, does NOT guarantee that your application will be approved. Txbit follows a strict review process for each application, and only projects that meet the required criterias will be listed on the platform.

If your initial application is approved, you will be requested to sign an NDA and provide additional information to our research team for a thorough due diligence analysis.

It is our intention to review and reply to every application, even if the listing application is rejected. Unfortunately this may not be possible in every case due to demand If you are not contacted within the specified review time for your selected listing plan, you may assume that your application was rejected.

Listing application