Referral program

Refer your friends to Txbit Exchange using your Referral ID, Referral QR Code, or Referral Link and receive 25% of the trading fee that your friend pays when performing a trade on Txbit Exchange.

Every account is assigned a unique Referral Code, which can be used during account registration. You may also share your Referral Link with your friends online, or use the available social channel buttons to instantly share your Referral Link! Opening a Referral Link creates a cookie on the user's browser that expires in exactly 1 year. If a user creates an account within this 1 year period, they will be recorded as a referee to your account. Opening a different Referral Link will overwrite the existing cookie. Using a Referral ID during registration takes precedence over existing cookies and uses the Referral ID as the referral.
The commission fee will be instantly sent to your account after the referee completes a trade and will be paid in the same base currency that the trade occurred in.
There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer and there is no expiration to the referral bonus.
Your referral payments can be viewed in the Referral Program module in your account settings
There are no limits on what you can earn through the referral program.
Referral program

How to

Log in or create an account and go to your dashboard
Get your referral link or QR code
Invite your friends using the link
Receive 25% commission

Share your link via

total commission paid

BTC total commission paid

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